CloudSource OA makes it easy for your library to take advantage of the growing body of Open Access content available today.

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CloudSource OA Components

CloudSource OA delivers vetted, quality OA articles, eTextbooks, and eBooks in a seamless and intuitive way to your end users


At launch, CloudSource OA will feature 40M items from respected publishers. This collection will grow with ongoing additions and updates. Ultimately, libraries will be able to create profiles to curate unique collections from the wealth of OA available today.


CloudSource OA features a user-friendly interface with powerful searching that can be easily integrated into the library’s discovery system rather than hidden on a digital resources page. The platform is optimized for mobile devices and meets WCAG 2.1AA accessibility compliance standards.


Easily measure and analyze the success of the library’s Open Access initiatives with usage statistics delivered to your inbox or to BLUEcloud Analytics.

CloudSource OA Highlights

  • Instant access to content without login
  • Uncluttered look and feel
  • Clearly labeled download button
  • “Save to list” functionality
  • Citation export
  • Links to the item on the publisher site
  • Automated delivery of usage stats

Top Publishers Accessible with CloudSource OA

Benefits of CloudSource OA

CloudSource OA does much more than provide access to OA content. It gives libraries the tools they need to manage collections and save on subscription content.

Provide more for less

Drawing on a pool of over 40 million articles and books licensed for Open Access, libraries can expand the breadth and depth of their digital collections, track OA usage, and analyze database overlap to develop collection strategies that have greater impact. Many libraries can expand their current article collections and pay a fraction of the price of traditional subscription products.

Support student success

CloudSource OA makes it easier for libraries to support students who are looking for high-quality research materials. With millions of peer-reviewed OA books and articles covering a wide range of disciplines, the library can offer student researchers a wealth of information accessible from anywhere without requiring a library card or pin for access.

Increase library usage

Making research more efficient is one way libraries can demonstrate value in the community. Unlike legacy systems designed to keep content behind a paywall, the CloudSource OA platform has been designed to optimize the end-user experience and integrates with Enterprise making it easy for patrons to find.  The CloudSource OA platform saves users time and frustration, leading to return visits.

Promote OA publishing

CloudSource OA makes it easy for the library to highlight OA content and drive its use, which incentivizes future Open Access publishing. While other discovery systems tend to “promote” the OA movement by simply indicating which articles have an available OA version, CloudSource OA highlights open collections, promoting the movement and generating user confidence in the results.

How Can I Learn More about CloudSource OA?

If you or your library is interested in learning more about expanding your open access collection, you can receive a CloudSource OA demo or join our pilot program!

The CloudSource OA pilot program is designed to get real-life feedback from library users and to help libraries develop Open Access collections strategies that save significantly on subscription costs. Pilot customers will have free access to this content for the duration of the pilot, which will last at least through December 2021. Upon General Availability of the product, pilot sites will be billed for the coming year at a discount on the on-going subscription rate while the pilot access remains free.

We are asking pilot customers to evaluate the quality and coverage of CloudSource OA content and to help design features that give libraries the information and tools they need to better manage the universe of OA materials available for use in their collections.